Briquette Production

Briquette Production at Ramtokto, Thimphu

In order to reduce the increasing pressure on our natural forest resources for fuel wood for heating and cooking purposes, the NRDCL has ventured into Briquetting of Biomass as a substitute for fuel wood and also to better utilize the waste wood, mainly sawdust, from sawmills.

The major objectives of such an initiative are:

  • Improvement in the efficiency of traditional use of biomass, predominately fuel-wood, for energy.
  • Processing and utilization of biomass waste (including wood waste and agricultural residues).
  • Reduce the pressure on natural forest for fuelwood.
  • Reduction of the C02 emission to the atmosphere.
  • Promotion of new industries.

The briquetting Unit is located at Wang Service Center, Ramtokto, Thimphu. The production capacity is approximately 750 Kgs of briquettes per hour. The briquette are sold at Nu.9 per kg.