Dasho Karma Tshiteem

Dasho Karm Tshiteem is the Chairperson of NRDCL Board. He is currently serving as the Head of the National Service Core Working Group. Prior to that, Dasho has served in various capacities in the Royal Government of Bhutan such as the Member of the Internal Government, 2018, Chairman of the Royal Civil Service Commission and the Secretary of the Gross National Happiness Commission. Dasho has also served in many other important managerial positions in public service and also holds additional portfolios in various committee and boards including The Royal Academy and the Royal Institute of Governance and Strategic Studies. Dasho was awarded the Red Scarf by His Majesty The King on 17 December, 2015. Dasho has MBA from University of Canberra, Australia.

Mr. Rinzin Dorji
Board Director

Dasho Rinzin Dorji serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director of NRDCL Board. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Agro Industries Limited. Prior to his current appointment, Dasho has served as the Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture & Forests and shouldered various other important portfolios in the Government. Dasho has Master in Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, United States and Bachelors degree from Punjab University, India.

Mr. Ugyen Wangdi
Board Director

Mr. Ugyen Wangdi is an Associate Director at Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) Limited. Ugyen received his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Sherubtse College and Masters in Business Administration with finance specialization from Australian National University, Canberra. He also obtained one year post graduate diploma in public administration prior to his appointment in civil service in 2006. Ugyen has over 15 years of experience in the corporate governance (CG) and currently heads the CG functions at DHI.

Mr. Rinchen Wangdi
Board Director

Mr. Rinchen Wangdi serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director of NRDCL Board. Currently he is serving as the Director of the Gross National Happiness Commission. He received his Masters in Development Economics from Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia. He has Bachelor of Arts from Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Trashigang.

Mr. Karma Tenzin
Board Director

Mr. Karma Tenzin serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director of NRDCL Board. His Majesty The King appointed him as a Zimpon Wogma on 10 November 2016. He served as the Project Coordinator of the Royal Projects Coordination Office under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. He also served at the National Cold Water Fishery Centre, Haa and Livestock Officer under Department of Livestock. He has Master in Biology (Environmental Fisheries) from the University of New Brunswick, Canada and a Bachelor Degree from Sherubtse College, Trashigang.

Mr. Chencho
Board Director

Mr. Chencho serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director of NRDCL Board. He is currently serving as the Cabinet Director and Principal Secretary to Hon’ble Prime Minister. Before joining to the Prime Minister‘s Office, he served as a Chief Program Officer in GNHC. He received his Master in Applied Science (Information System) RMIT University, Australia and Bachelors in Information Technology from Sherubtse College.

Chief Executive Officer
Board Director/CEO

Mr. --------------joined NRDCL as its Chief Executive Officer from --------2023. Prior to joining the company, he had the privilege of serving as the ---------------, . He has Master in ------------------ from -------------------.