Joinery Production

The doors/windows give the first impression of the house. They welcome your guests and show them the high level of pride you have in your home. However, constructing doors and windows yourself at site may rob you off the chance to pay extra attention to details, designs and security, while at the same time costing you a lot of time and money. The manual labor involved in onsite construction of doors and windows is relatively significant.

The NRDCL flooring & paneling are made using the best quality local raw materials with special emphasis on quality, durability and strength while maintaining the aesthetic appeal. Further, they are easy to install, require less maintenance and most importantly, they are affordable! We also provide fittings and installation services without having to worry about looking for someone to do it.

Following are some of the joinery activities carried out at IWPP, NRDCL
Flooring & Paneling Activities