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Advertisement for timber allotment and auction of special class timber

Normal Timber Allotment Notice

The management of NRDCL is pleased to announce the date and venue for monthly timber allotment to AWBI members for June, 2021, as follows:

RegionClusterApprox. Volume in Cft (Old & new stock) logs/poles/hakariesVenueDateTime
RinpungParo & HaaBP/MC/MHW:215,000Lotus Bistro Paro22.06.202111.00 AM
Sha & PhuentsholingBP/MC/MHW: 225,000
Unit Office, Sha21.06.2021
JakarJakarBP/MC/MHW: 640,268NRDCL Bumthang30.06.202110.30 AM
ZhongarZhonggarMHW/MC:105,184.91NRDCL Zhongar29.06.2021
GelephuGelephuMHW Logs/Poles: 5,713.62 NRDCL Gelephu30.06.2021

Special Class Timber Auction Notice

After the allotment of normal timber, special class timber will be auctioned to all interested customers in the same venue and date, as follows:

Place & Contact No.Species/Volume Available
(57,988.58 Cft)
& Rinpung 02- 323469
Teak Logs/Poles -1,330.21,
Sal Logs/ Poles/Sawn – 756.99 (Phuentsholing)
Cupressus Log/Poles/Sawn -7,852.53, Walnut Logs- 71.57, Kimbu Logs/Poles- 1,199.59, Rutoshing- 76.07 and Juniper Logs/Poles – 40,049.39 (Rinpung)
Unit Office, Sha21.06.202112:15 PM
Teak logs/Poles- 2,328.83, Sal Logs/Poles- 500.00 and Sisso Logs/Poles 317.75 NRDCL, Gelephu30.06.2021
Teak logs/Poles- 1,702.08, Cypress Logs/Poles- 1,272.62, Walnut Logs/Poles – 168.99 and Texus/Morus Logs/Poles/Field sawn -316.96 NRDCL, Zhongar29.06.2021

For details, please contact NRDCL HO, Thimphu at Tel#. 02-323834/323868 (Ext – 119).

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Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) would like to notify that the sale of old stock A & B Class timbers under various region/branch offices are available at discounted rate as follows:

Region/BranchCo or BLCategory201820192020
   A ClassB ClassA ClassB ClassA ClassB Class
Jakar Region with Gelephu Branch includedConiferLog96.4189.41116.41109.41  
Zhongar RegionConiferLog92.3085.30112.30105.30  
Rinpung RegionConiferLog106.2099.20131.19124.19  
Sha Branch (Rinpung)ConiferLog103.0396.03128.02121.02  
Phuentsholing RegionConiferLog103.0396.03128.02121.02  
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Observing Social Forestry Day and Zero Waste Hour by NRDCL

The Country observes the Social Forestry Day on 2nd June of every year coinciding with the Coronation Day of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Bhutan has earned international acclaim and is considered a role model in the field of environmental conservation. Today, Bhutan is one of the few remaining biological hotspots in the World and the unspoiled environment support thriving population of endangered species. Forests are no doubt fundamental for the well-being of humanity and are intricately linked to the very survival of a mountainous country like ours. Protecting nature today means a better planet for future generations. However, like everywhere in the world, our forests are also under tremendous pressure from both manmade and natural causes. To curb such challenges, community involvement in sustainable forest management has become quite important. In order to support the noble initiative of His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo and collectively celebrate His Majesty’s leadership in the field of environmental conservation, mass plantation and maintenance of the already planted areas are taken up every year on this day as Social Forestry Day by Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) by taking up plantation works in addition to its normal activity of raising nursery for seedlings, taking up plantation in blank areas, reforestation in degraded/deforested areas, rehabilitation of fire burnt and pest/disease affected areas in different parts of the Country. As usual, the Regional and Branch Offices of NRDCL took up the maintenance of existing plantation and created new plantation in the respective areas, as follows:

Plantation Program for 2nd June, 2021 under various Regions and Branch of NRDCL
# Region Location Area (Hectare) Seedling Species Remarks
1 Rinpung Chang Debsi 4 (refilling and maintenance) Quercus Cupressus and Legustrum Regional and Head Office staff together
Haa East 9.24 (maintenance) Spruce, Blue pine, Hemlock Unit Offices (Haa East/Bitekha FMU, DoFPS staff, Dessup and community
Haa, Tegola 1.83 (maintenance) Spruce, Blue pine, Hemlock Selela Unit staff
Chapey, river buffer protection Plantation near timber depot below helipad area Spruce, Blue pine, Hemlock Lonchu FMU staff
2 Jakar Threwa under Dawathang FMU 1 (Refilling) Blue pine/Spruce DFMU unit staffs and Jakar Regional staff
Kikhar working scheme, Zhemgang 2.95 (New creation) Champ/Persia/Walnut
3 Zhongar Korila FMU 4 (refilling, maintenance) Pipli/Acer/Champ/Walnut Unit and Regional staff with DoFPS counterparts at site
4 Gelephu Gyalsung Project site, Tareythang 1 (new creation) Aquilaria malaccensis and Tectona grandis (400 nos of saplings) Staff of NRDCL Gelephu, Gyalsung Project and Royal Manas National Park.

From 1989 to 2021, NRDCL has created 2239.86 hectares of plantation across the Country and 881.36 hectares of established plantation was handed over to DoFPS in 2015. Starting 2017, NRDCL through some fund support from some of the sister companies like BPC, DGPC, BTL, BoBL and DAC under the DHI had planted around 35,200 number of tree seedlings of various species in around 23 hectares of land at different parts of the Country as part of the Green Compensatory Plantation Program. Apart from the above, NRDCL in 2021 will create 85.50 hectares of new plantation and maintain 361.58 hectares with an investment of Nu. 10.30 million. Coinciding with the Coronation Day of His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo, “Zero Waste Hour” campaign with the theme “My waste, my responsibility” launched by Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen on 2nd June 2019 with an aim to instill a behavioral change for proper waste management and practice sustainable consumption lifestyle is also marked. For NRDCL, the day is marked by celebrating these important events across various Regional and Branch Offices of the Country.


Observing Social Forestry Day

Observing Zero Waste Hour

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Revision Rate for Furniture & Construction Items

Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) would like to announce the revision of rates for the furniture and construction items  as follows with effect from 25th May, 2021:
Selling rate for sample furniture and other construction items 
Sl # Item List Size Selling Price (Nu)
1 Central Table 800x500x500 mm 3100
2 Side Table 420x400x400 mm 1380
3 Low Table 1000x1000x230 mm 3500
New Product
1 MC/B Class Skirting 25×125 mm 75/Sq.ft
2 MC/B Class T & G Flooring 40 mm 123/Sq.ft
3 MC/B Class HL Flooring 40 mm 114/Sq.ft
4 MC/B Class HL Flooring 30 mm 89/Sq.ft
Installation Works
1 Installation of MC Flooring 213.03/Sq.ft
2 Installation of Blue Pine panelling for vertical work 121.23/Sq.ft
3 Extra charge for working against the gravity 4.48/Sq.ft
4 After the expiry of 5% offer for panelling (vertical work) 126.69/Sq.ft
5 Extra charge for working against the gravity 4.57/Sq.ft
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Notice Inviting Tender

Sealed tender rates are invited from the National contractors having valid Transport/Hiring license for transportation of timber from following FMUs to the nearest depot under Zhonggar Region NRDCL, Mongar.

I. Lingmethang FMU,Mongar
II. Khengzor FMU, PemaGatshel
III. Dongdeychu FMU, Trashiyangtse
IV.Khaling-Kharungla, Trashigang

1.Date of sale of Tender Document                 :22/05/2021 – 07/06/2021 till 2 PM
2.Last date and time for tender submission  :07/06/2021 at 2:00 PM
3.Date and time for tender opening                :07/06/2021 at 02:30 PM

The Tender Documents can be purchased from the office of the Regional Manager, NRDCL Mongar during office hours on payment of Nu. 500/-(non-refundable) or can be download from NRDCL website for free. For any enquiry please contact Asst. Marketing Manager, at No. 17918357 or 04641165/641/ during working hours.

Click here to download the tender documents.

Regional Manager