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Timber Sale at Huge Discount

Discount Sale on Timber from Rinpung and Jakar Region

Don’t miss this chance to avail timber stock from various depots under Rinpung and Jakar Region, NRDCL at the Lowest Prices Ever.

Timber available for discount sale are as follows:

  • 174240.50 Cft.- Rinpung Region (Tsapey, Chunzom, Dumsangney, Gogona, Khotokha and Gasa depots)
  • 186,860.10 Cft. – Jakar Region (Tang, Rabgang and Chendebji FMU)

The timber stock from Jakar Region which was already on discounted rate is now available for Nu. 115 per Cft. only.

So, hurry up and avail your best discount  today as the offer is valid only till 28th February, 2022 for Jakar Region and  31st of March, 2022 for Rinpung region respectively.

Click here to view Depot, Timber Stock and Rates details from the aforementioned regions.

For further details, please contact the Marketing Managers at #17695310 (Jakar Region)
#17872746 (Rinpung) or #17287278 (HQ).

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Tender Notice

Sealed bids are invited for hiring of machinery and trucks from interested Bhutanese hiring companies/individuals for extraction, collection and loading of sand and boulders from various locations under Zhonggar Region, NRDCL, Monggar.

Tender documents will be made available from December 21, 2021 (afternoon) onwards. The last date for tender submission is January 7, 2022, on or before 12.00 PM and will be opened on the same day at 2.30 PM at Zhonggar Regional Office, Monggar.

Detailed tender document can be downloaded from our website. For any enquiry, please contact the Zhonggar Regional Office, Mongar at 04-641165/60 or 17918357.

Click here to download the tender document.


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Timber Allotment & Auction Notice

Normal Timber Allotment Notice

The management of NRDCL is pleased to announce the date and venue for monthly timber allotment to AWBI members for December, 2021, as follows: 



Approx. Volume in Cft (Old & new stock) logs/poles/hakaries





Paro & Haa

BP/MC :45,000.00 Hot Pot Restaurant


11.00 AM



Sha & Phuentsholing

BP/MC/MHW: 234,231.13Unit Office, Sha




BP/MC/MHW: 400,000.00NRDCL Bumthang  21.12.2021



MHW Logs/Poles: 7,471.32 NRDCL Gelephu




MHW logs/poles: 48,000.00NRDCL Zhongar



Special Class Timber Auction Notice 

After the allotment of normal timber, special class timber will be auctioned to all interested customers in the same venue and date, as follows: 

SL #

Place & Contact No.

Species/Volume Available (Old and new stock) (57,985.12 Cft)





Phuentsholing (05-252154) & Rinpung 02- 323469

Teak/Cupressess/ Khair/ Sal Logs/Poles: 12,118.12 Cft (Phuentsholing)
 Cupressess / Walnut/ Kimbu/ Rutoshing/Juniper Logs/Poles/Block : 40,000.00 Cft (Rinpung)
Unit Office, Sha


Gelephu (06-251706)

Teak/Khair/Sal/Sisso Logs- 1,867.08 Cft
NRDCL, Gelephu



Zhongar (04-641165)

Teak/ Walnut/ Cupresses/ Morus/Texus Logs/Poles/Field sawn: 4,000.00 CftUnit Office, Sha


12:15 PM

For details, please contact NRDCL HO, Thimphu at Tel#. 02-323834/323868 (Ext – 119)/concerned NRDCL Office.



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Medals Award Ceremony 2021

In recognition of the dedicated service rendered to the Tsa-Wa-Sum, a total of 71 employees of Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) were awarded the medals in 2021. The Chief Executive Officer of the company handed over the medals to the recipients through a formal ceremony on 15th December 2021 at NRDCL Head Office, Thimphu. Those recipients (10 employees) working in the high risk areas will receive the medals from their respective regional offices.

Out of 71 recipients, 16 received gold medals as life-time service award, 11 received silver medals for having served for more than 20 years and 44 received bronze medals for having served for more than 10 years.

Handing over the medals to the recipients, the Chief Executive Officer, in his address, congratulated the recipients and stressed about the significance of the medals and certificates that are being conferred right from His Majesty The King. The recipients were also reminded that, while it is a moment to rejoice the past contributions made to the corporation, it calls for yet another important journey to further improve service delivery to the public.

Gold medal recipients for life-time service
Sliver medal recipients for serving more than 20 years
Bronze medal recipients for serving more than 10 years
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Tender Announcement

The NRDCL, Rinpung Regional Office, Thimphu is pleased to invite the eligible Bhutanese contractor having valid logging license to carry out the Felling and Cross-cutting, Debarking, Timber Transportation, Ad-hoc Logging and Firewood Extraction and Supply from various FMUs and Ad-hoc areas as follows:
Date of sale of tender documents: 15.12.2021 Last date and submission of tender documents: 14.01.2022 up 12.00 PM Date, venue and time of tender opening: 14.01.2022 at 2.00 PM (Regional Office, NRDCL, Thimphu) For further information, please contact at Phone no. 975-2-323469/17872746 during office hours. The tender forms can be downloaded from the following links:
  1. Click here to download the document for Timber Transportation
  2. Click here to download the document for Felling Crosscutting and Debarking
  3. Click here to download the document for Ad-hoc Logging
  4. Click here to download the document for Firewood Extraction/Collection and Supply