Timber Allotment Notice

The Sha Regional Office is pleased to inform that, we will be conducting Timber Allotment at the Regional Office, Sha on dated 3rd May, 2024 from 10:30 AM onwards.

Therefore, we would like to request AWBI members under this region to make your presence on aforementioned date and venue. There will no longer be direct allotment of timber from the units as previously practiced.

The approximate volume available for the allotment are as tabulated below;

Region Unit Approximate Volume (CFT) Venue Date Time
Sha Gogona FMU                               19,000.00 Regional Office, Sha 03.05.2024 10:30 AM
Sha Khotokha FMU                                4,400.00 Regional Office, Sha 03.05.2024 10:30 AM
Total   23,400.00