Tender Notice for Rinpung

Tender Notice

NRDL, Rinpung Region, Thimphu is pleased to invite the sealed tender rates from eligible Bhutanese contractor having valid logging license/individuals with registered Power chainsaw and certificates to carry out thinning works at following areas:

SN Name of Area (Approx. Vol. in cft) Remarks
1 Tsento, Paro, JDNP  70,000.00 Felling/ Crosscutting, manual dragging and Transportation to nearest depot
2 Tsento, Paro, PFD 465,000.00
3 Chang Hongtsho, Thimphu, TFD 50,000.00
4 Chang Hongtsho Tashigang Gonpa, Thimphu, TFD 110,000.00
5 Mewang, Khariphu, Thimphu, TFD 70,000.00
6 Mewang, Namseling, Thimphu, TFD 45,000.00

Last date and submission of tender documents: 13/05/2024
Date, venue and time of tender opening: 13/05/224 at 2:30 PM in the Regional Office, Langjophakha, Thimphu.

Tender forms can be downloaded from the following links. For further information, please contact at phone No. 02-323469 during office hours.

Click here to download the SBD for Ad hoc Logging.

Click Here to download the SBD for Felling and Crosscutting.

Click Here to download the SBD for Thinning at Paro.

Click Here to download the SBD for Transportation to Phuntsholing.

Click Here to download the SBD for Transportation.